Restaurant and Food Services

KN+S provides a complete range of accounting services specific and customized to the food and restaurant industry. With our expertise we can guide you from start-up, to operations, to future expansion and provide industry-specific solutions including relevant industry benchmarks.  This tangible information can then be integrated into your individual business plan and goals. Whether you operate a small café, a multi-location restaurant chain or a large food distribution company, we can quickly reveal the particular areas that need attention, providing creative and practical solutions to address them. We serve as more than just accountants, we are consultants, strategic planners and business coaches that bring an important dimension to the management of your restaurants. The food business is an art—but to succeed, you require the science of business and finance. Representative clients include product companies (beverage, snacks, health food) to multi-unit restaurant chains.

We maintain the highest level of professionalism, are totally committed to maintaining open and honest client relationships, and work with our clients to simplify the accounting process so they can focus on their business. To service our clients effectively, we know it's imperative that we understand the restaurant and food industry, attend industry conferences and develop relationships with those in the industry.  In addition, by utilizing technology we are able to provide our clients with an effective and time-saving accounting process, reduce paperwork, eliminate redundancy and help keep costs down.   

Our Restaurant & Food Service consulting expertise includes:
• Tax consulting
• Pricing and costing systems (labor, bar, menu, etc.)
• Cash flow analysis
• Cash and product shortage management
• Business plan development
• Business loan assistance
• Budgets and projections